Predicting the World. Together.

Predicting the World. Together.

PREVENTIO is a SaaS company with its core competence in predicting and preventing building damages. Our sensorless technology helps the real estate sector to make faster, more cost-effective decisions.

Awarded Start-up of the year by Deutsche Sporthilfe and Werte Stiftung

Awarded Start-up of the year by Deutsche Sporthilfe and Werte Stiftung

"We are the only player in the market who offers a purely data-driven solution, focusing initially on tap water damages. By creating an opportunity to forecast potential pipe failures, we provide the most useful, intelligent and sustainable information for our customers."

Andreas Bechmann

Founder & CEO

Data-Driven Risk Management

Our machine-learning-based PreventioENGINE allows us to predict water damages before they occur, reducing costly miscalculations and optimizing decision-making processes.

Predictive Maintenance

Preventio's Predictive Maintenance Platform recommends suitable damage mitigation measures to building-owners that reduce follow-up costs and preserve properties.

Value-Adding Services

The open structure of the platform allows comprehensive use cases to be implemented to help customers collaborate with their contractors and unlock new revenue streams.

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